Pairing with her former Mead Café chef Don Reed, Kelly Jorgenson opened the Good Eats Grill on December 15th, 2014. The grill is located at 1114 Francis St. in Longmont.

The restaurant remains open under the management of Don Reed and Ashleigh Taylor. At Good Eats Grill, it is always the goal of Don, Ashleigh and the Good Eats Crew to make every customer feel like part of their family.

The restaurant specializes in comfort food, including homestyle breakfasts, stuffed burgers and German cabbage burgers. They take great pride in being a scratch kitchen that utilizes the best products from small, local businesses. From the coffee to the tortillas to the green chile, everything is either made fresh in house or purchased locally. 

Ashleigh Taylor

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Don Reed

“Disc Golf Chef of the West”


Chef Don Reed has worked in small fine-dining establishments to large corporate companies. His passion for good food made with the best ingredients is evident in every bite you will have.

1114 Francis St
Longmont, CO.

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