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Good Eats Breakfast Menu

Served All Day

Bowls, Burritos and Omelets

All come with potatoes and 3 eggs

Make it a sandwich by substituting bread for potatoes

Kelly’s – onion, tomato, bacon and Cream cheese  $9

Farmer’s – onion, bell pepper, house Breakfast sausage and Cheddar  $9

Southwest – onion, green chiles, jalapeno, house Chorizo and Pepper Jack  $9

Denver – onion, bell pepper, ham and Mozzarella  $9

Veggie – onion, bell pepper, tomato, spinach, and Swiss  $9.60

Meat Lovers – ham, bacon, house Breakfast sausage, and Cheddar  $10.20


Build Your Own $6.90

Veggies ($.25): onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, green chile, tomato

($1) spinach

($1.25) mushrooms

Cheese ($1): Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Mozzarella, Bleu, Cream Cheese

Meat ($1): ham, bacon, house Chorizo or Breakfast sausage


Smother your breakfast in our homemade Vegetarian or Pork Green Chile, Sausage Gravy or ½ and ½ – $3.25

Good Eats Specialties

Tamale and Eggs— 6oz house Red Chile Pork tamale topped with our Pork Green Chile, Cheddar and 2 eggs, served with Griddle Fries and Pico de Gallo     1 tamale $12.50     2 tamales $14.75

Huevos Rancheros—2 Corn tortillas with smashed Black beans, smothered with our Pork Green Chile, 2 eggs, Cheddar and served with Griddle Fries, sour cream and Pico de Gallo $11.35

Biscuits and Gravy—House-made biscuits smothered in our House Sausage Gravy:  ½ Order $7.15 Whole $9.50

Traditional—2 Eggs, Griddle Fries, bacon, house sausage patties or ham steak, and choice of home-made biscuit or English Muffin, White, Wheat or Sourdough toast $11.35

The Hangover – Start with a burger stuffed your way (from the lunch menu), on a bed of Griddle Fries, 2 eggs and topped with Veg or Pork Green Chile, Sausage Gravy or ½ and ½ $13.25


Good Eats Breakfast Sweets

Cinnamon Roll $4.55         *Ask about our specialty rolls

House Pancakes or Thick-Cut Sourdough French Toast

Single $4.55

Shorty (2 cakes) $6.80     

Tall (3 cakes) $9.10

*Add 2 eggs and your choice of meat for $4.60!

Good Eats Add-Ons

Eggs – $1.15 ea.              Griddle Fries – $3.10  

Tamale – $4.50 ea.               Black Beans – $3.10      

Meat – 3 Bacon Strips – $3.50 3 House Sausage Patties – $3.85 Ham Steak – $3.40

Bread – House-made biscuit or English Muffin, White, Wheat, Sourdough, Corn or Flour Tortilla $2.30

Good Eats Drinks


Knuckle Puck Brewing Seasonal Kombucha $4.50     

      *Ask your server for the current flavor!                          

Assorted Juice (Orange, Apple, Tomato) $2.90                                                   

Milk $2.50                                                                                                      

House Fresh Lemonade $2.90           

Mexican Coke $2.90   


Canned Soda $2.95                                                     

Iced Tea $2.90      

    *Ask your server about flavored syrups! (+$.55) 

Mark’s Coffee $3.40   

Hot Tea $2.60